Health & Wellness

The Generous Spirit Project

Project Description

“When we teach our children our traditional values we stay connected to our ancestors. This makes children some of our most powerful teachers and healers.”

This short animated film of hope, love and compassion was inspired and narrated by Anhluut,uukwsim Gaak, Sherry Small, Nisga’a Nation. Produced under our Drawing Wisdom initiative and directed by our own Jada-Gabrielle Pape, Saanich & Snueymuxw Nationss, with artwork by Andrew Dexel, Nlakapamux.

Collaborators “Children’s Voices, Our Choices” of the Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council, and Drawing Wisdom with funding from the City of Vancouver

HIV: Healing Inner Voices

Project Description

An award-winning, Peer-led film project to reduce stigma, build community and create cultural safety

This poetic short documentary combines storytelling and the healing power of Indigenous culture to reflect on the realities and discrimination faced by Indigenous people living with HIV. Produced under our Drawing Wisdom initiative and directed by our own Jada-Gabrielle Pape (Saanich & Snueymuxw Nations), the film is being featured in film festivals and picked up an Audience Choice award at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival 2020.

Drawing Wisdom is actively fundraising to hire Peers to lead talking circles alongside screenings of HIV: Healing Inner Voices, and later as we roll-out a community tour. Through storytelling and empathy, the film has teachings to offer healthcare and other HIV/AIDS service providers providers. We offer film screenings, panel discussions, audience interaction, Talking Circles, guest speakers (including Elders offering teachings), and motivational speaking.

Impact Partners Drawing Wisdom, Inspirit Foundation, and Reach 3.0

Dark Cloud Educational Package

Project Description

Dark Cloud: The High Cost of Cyberbullying explores the devastating impacts of cyberbullying on the lives of young people. We developed educational resources and a digital campaign for the film to help parents, educators and youth understand the impacts of cyberbullying and how to respond. This included creating an online, interactive guide featuring impactful video clips, quizzes and more that is fully responsive and accessible.

Clients Spotlight Productions, Telus

The Grizzlies Movie

Project Description

We are thrilled to be involved in getting the film The Grizzlies out into the world, in particular to commuities, educators and organizations. Get the DVD or digital version for your school or institution at the Hello Cool World store. Educational licences are available for DVD and Digital! Preliminary educational resources are available on the Grizzlies website. Sign up for the Newsletter. Or email


Living Well

Project Description

This video was created for the First Nations Health Council (FNHC) and was shown at Gathering Wisdom X conference in May 2018.
Often, what are described as the ‘determinants of health’ are really the determinants of disease -- through this work we will take a strengths-based approach, that will connect the work being done by the FNHC, all the regional representatives, and health directors to the ‘social determinants of resilience’, put in its most simple terms:  What it means to be Living Well.

Strong Medicine

Project Description

Strong Medicine is an educational video developed by the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network and CATIE, with and for Indigenous people living with HIV.
By weaving together Indigenous knowledges of culture and wellbeing and Western knowledge of HIV testing and treatment, this video shares accurate information about HIV testing and treatment. It encourages people to get tested and to start, resume or stay on HIV treatment for their own health and wellbeing.This video is a positive and supportive educational tool for all Indigenous people living with HIV and those affected by HIV. It can be viewed in its entirety or in chapters.

Antibiotic Wise: Say NAAAH! Campaign

Project Description

We have teamed up with Antibotic Wise and the BC Centre for Disease Control on their "Say NAAAH!" Campaign. It is important to only use antibiotics when they are needed. While antibiotics are warranted for some dental procedures, many toothaches and oral infections do not require antibiotics. However, based on your procedure and medical history, your dentist may recommend an antibiotic. Always let your dentist know about any medical conditions or changes to your health. In addition, antibiotics do not work for viruses like the flu. These two campaigns have been getting high visibility on the Vancouver transit platforms and in buses! We have also created several videos.

Coyotes Food Medicines

Project Description

Storytelling has always been a traditional way to share knowledge and wisdom. Now we have new tools to share old ways, and to take on new problems. In July 2016, Secwepemc Elders were asked to help develop a teaching story about prescription medicine, This story reflects some of the cultural teachers/animals of the Secwepemc’ulcw people.
From this conversation the story of Coyote’s Food Medicines emerged. Coyote is on a mission to collect medicines - but will everything go as planned? Often stories include the Trickster character, who can be both humorous and heroic, helping to teach through its mix of cunning, foolishness and ambition.

Project Description

St. Paul's Hospital wanted a tool to deliver consistent, high quality Take Home Naloxone training that could also be used by other dispensing sites across the province, as well as people at home. We teamed up with technology partner Animikii to create an easy-to-use web app to teach people how to respond to an opioid overdose and get a certificate of completion that can be redeemed for a kit.

Partners: Developed by St. Paul’s Hospital Emergency Department with support from St. Paul’s Foundation, and created by Hello Cool World and Animikii in association with Toward the Heart and the St. Paul’s Addictions Team

Jordan's Principle in BC

Project Description

Jordan's Principle is meant to prevent First Nations children from being denied essential services or experiencing delays in receiving them. We created campaign materials to communicate about Jordan's Principle in BC, including video and radio ads, brochures, print materials, editorials, and more. We also developed a social media advertising plan.