Antibiotic Wise: Say NAAAH! Campaign

Project Description

We have teamed up with Antibotic Wise and the BC Centre for Disease Control on their "Say NAAAH!" Campaign. It is important to only use antibiotics when they are needed. While antibiotics are warranted for some dental procedures, many toothaches and oral infections do not require antibiotics. However, based on your procedure and medical history, your dentist may recommend an antibiotic. Always let your dentist know about any medical conditions or changes to your health. In addition, antibiotics do not work for viruses like the flu. These two campaigns have been getting high visibility on the Vancouver transit platforms and in buses! We have also created several videos.

Creating Spaces

Project Description

Creating Spaces to Take Action on Violence Against Women and Girls is Oxfam Canada’s flagship women’s rights project implemented in six countries. We created a story-based communications strategy and branded transmedia materials to help build capacity and amplify success among project teams and partners.

Client: Oxfam Canada

FNTC Talks Tech

Project Description

We made these short, sharable films in collaboration with the First Nations Technology Council to help position them as a culturally safe way to look at how technology, innovation and entrepreneurship can benefit indigenous people and communities. We also created their cool video banner on their new website! 



Real Aid Means No Blockade

Project Description

We created this animated infographic for Aid Watch Palestine. Special thanks to Maggie Wang and Ignacio Florez for all the volunteer hours they put in! 

Vancouver Coastal Health - Sneezes+Diseases

Project Description

After creating a series of graphics for Vancouver Coastal Health's Communicable Disease Control Program to use in their outreach materials, we developed a new website under the brand identity, “Sneezes+Diseases.” Their first website, VCH CDC needed a user-friendly solution to manage their program's content and resources that would operate in tandem with a myriad of VCH web properties. The site includes password protected areas, integrated news and resource feeds targeted to multiple audiences, and an online manual for disease control training.
We worked closely with VCH CDC to organize and adapt their content and resources into audience friendly formats, and build them a website customized to their unique needs.

Drawing Wisdom

Project Description

Drawing Wisdom is a Hello Cool World collaborative project co-founded by Jada-Gabrielle Pape (Saanich & Snuneymuxw Nations) and Kat Dodds (fifth generation Irish/Scottish Settler descent).  We make films, launch campaigns, hold workshops, and create teaching resources. All designed to celebrate Indigenous resilience.


Generation Hep

Project Description

We created a branded campaign about hepatitis C targeted at Baby Boomers (born 1945-1965), coming up with an entire new demographic: Generation Hep. The rollout of the campaign is tied into World Hepatitis Day 2015, officially launching on July 28. We produced sky train ads, display banners, postcards, posters and a campaign website. Together with partners we formed a planning committee to steer the brand forward. Our vision is a national brand that has the resources to do a significant branding campaign while being grassroots driven. All so that our message that everyone in "Generation Hep" should get tested. It's easy and there's a cure.

Partners Pacific Hepatitis C Network, HepCBC, First Nations Health Authority, Lower Mainland Purpose Society for Youth and Families

Tags Educational Web Strategy Social Media Non-Profit Engagement Community Collaboration Graphic Design Marketing Campaign Illustration Health & Wellness Branding

Sisters Speak

Project Description

Sisters Speak is a project to share knowledge with young First Nations women and girls in Vancouver to prevent sexual exploitation. In May 2015, we launched the first phase of a digital storytelling campaign featuring a video, postcards, display banners and website.

Honouring Our Voice

Project Description

After doing a similar book about HIV last year for Chee Mamuk, Honouring our Journey, this new book focuses on the stories of those living with and affected by hepatiis C. Honouring our Voices uses photography and storytelling to impart important health information about how to test for and treat Hep C, wth moving stories about First Nations individuals and their experiences deadling with this disease. 

TB Germ A Cunning World Traveller!

Project Description

TB Germ — A Cunning World Traveller was created in collaboration with the TB Services team at the BCCDC with support from the BC Lung Association. This project is in six languages, English, Mandarin, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Korean and Tagalog and launched on World TB Day 2015. Now in the process of being evaluated the animation can be viewed in all languages on the BCCDC website and our vimeo channel.