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Nov 23, 24 & 25th - A weekend of thought-provoking films & more

18 November 2018

It's been a busy time for impact producing at Hello Cool World

Hot on the heels of Good Pitch Vancouver, where Hello Cool World's Kat Dodds was pitching with the filmmaker team of The New Corporation (yes a sequel to The Corporation is in the works!), she is preparing to give a DOC BC masterclass on "The Hydra-Headed Beast of Impact Producing" on November 25. 

We'll explain a bit what this still newish term 'impact producing' means, but ...

FIRST we turn to our own project manager Rylan Friday - who ALSO happens to be the Vice President of Vancouver's newest film festival - the Indigenous International Film Festival - IIFF, taking place November 23 & 24. Rylan is from the Cote First Nation, and is project manager for Drawing Wisdom and many Hello Cool World projects, he is also on the Advisory Council for Telus Storyhive Indigenous Storytellers edition. 

Collectively we're also in the midst of several documentary-syle film projects right now. Last year Drawing Wisdom co-founder Jada-Gabrielle Pape (Saanich & Snuneymuxw Nations) co-directed the film Strong Medicine for CATIE & CAAN and now Rylan has joined her to coordinate a collaborative project initiated by one of the participants in Strong Medicine, who has gathered peers to create their own film exploring the impact of stigma on Indigenous people living with HIV. So while film is not the only area we work in, it's top of mind this week! 

So to recap - coming up first on Nov 23 & 24 is IIFF, followed by Nov 25 Masterclass on Impact Producing. Details below. Rylan will be joining Kat at her masterclass to talk about the differences between Indigenous filmmaking and what the implications are for non-indigenous would-be allies in this work.

"Co-promotion is the secret weapon of the under-funded. It's also the cornerstone of collaboration." ~ Kat Dodds, Impact Producer

So what is this 'impact producing" we speak of? In short - it's connecting the documentary story -  and it's release into the world - to a strategic campaign to produce an impact. It can include building relationships and partners to fund these efforts and to share the work of implementation. In the early days of Hello Cool World, when we were launching The Corporation and other social documentaries,  we had a couple of phrases we used: Ideas to audiences > audiences to action > action to outcome. We also spoke of juggling the balls of content, technology and outreach, a metaphor which now seems a little prophetic as this as at a time when social media as we now know it did not yet exist. 

"Kat was working as an impact producer before the term was invented" ~ Tracey Friesen, author of "Story Money Impact" & founder of the foundation of the same name (producers of Good Pitch Vancouver!)

Now, in a changed distribution and media landscape - we have more balls to juggle, more tools to use, and it would seem - more at stake.

The Masterclass workshop will explore hybrid ways for filmmakers to find, engage and influence their audiences. In today’s digital universe, borders are fluid and ideas are the passports. From micro-targeting to the universal, this workshop will explore the principles behind impact distribution and the tactics to reach out and make your films relevant to the widest group possible. During this workshop, we’ll explore the Purpose, Outcome, and Process to get your film to market, and the tools and tactics you need to get there. Regardless of the path, you choose traditional distribution or the Digital DIY path (or any hybrid model in between) you must first decide where you want to go. Why? And, who are your people? This is the most important question to ask and the most exciting to discover.

We hope you will check out some or all of IIFF, and join us for the Hydra-Headed Beast of Impact Producing!

The Indigenous International Film Festival

Friday & Saturday, November 23rd and 24th, 2018.
The Vancity Theatre
1181 Seymour St
Vancouver, BC V6B 3M7

A celebration of Indigenous culture and heritage in screen-based media, and features standout works by Indigenous creators from Australia, Canada, Colombia, and The United States including four feature films 3 of which are BC premieres. Other events include three panels, free to the public. Tickets, showtimes and registration for panels can be found on

The Hydra Headed Beast of Impact Producing

with Katherine Dodds: Impact Producer for 65_RedRoses and The Corporation

Sunday November 25, 2018
1 PM - 5 PM
InFocus Film School
306 Abbott Street, Vancouver
* MIXER to follow
**Prerequisite for DOC BC's IMPACT INTENSIVE in 2019

In January 2019, we will be having a one-on-one session with 6-8 pre-selected participants who attended this workshop. They will meet with Kat for 30-minute sessions to discuss their individual films and delve deeper into the impact opportunities present in them.


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