Story Money Impact

Hot on the heels of Good Pitch Vancouver, where Hello Cool World's Kat Dodds was pitching with the filmmaker team of The New Corporation (yes a sequel to The Corporation is in the works!), she is preparing to give a DOC BC masterclass on "The Hydra-Headed Beast of Impact Producing" on November 25. 

Where will you be on October 19? Sharkwater Extinction is the activist film to see this fall.

It’s the third, and final film from award-winning fillmmaker, Rob Stewart. And the stakes are as high as ever. As Rob always put it: “There is nothing more important than conservation because conservation is the preservation of human life on Earth.”

Hello Cool World founder Katherine Dodds (aka Kat) is featured in the new book, Story Money Impact: Funding Media for Social Change by Tracey Friesen, a practical guide for media-makers, funders, and activists who share the common goal of creating an impact with their work. This year is HCW's 15th anniversary, which is the length of time we've been engaged with creating an impact through storytelling.