Room in your heart. Room in your home.

"My foster mom always hung in there. It meant the world to me because nobody else really stuck around.” - Guy, former youth in care

Right now, more than 1,000 kids across the province need temporary foster families. There's also an urgent need for more First Nations caregivers to take in First Nations children in care. Having cultural connections through their day-to-day life supports kids in their continued development.

In July 2016, our own David Ng, 29, was awarded The Diversity and Inclusion Award from the City of Vancouver which celebrates outstanding leadership to foster inclusion across diverse communities. How does a young person acquire such recognition?

David Ng, started his journey at 14 as a volunteer youth advisor for Condomania – a youth sexual health program – developing their website and participating in and leading focus groups with Hello Cool World. This was David’s first experience learning about activism and anti-oppression.