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Being There: Teaching Video around HIV Testing

08 October 2014

Being There: Teaching Video around HIV Testing

Project Description

Being There is a teaching video for health care providers. Beyond the mechanics of administering an HIV test, this video brings to life the experience of diverse people living with HIV and health care providers who have had to give an HIV diagnosis. It looks at the social and emotional factors that need to be understood to give good care to people who are often marginalized and stigmatized. We cannot show clips from this video for confidentiality reasons; however, it is being used widelyand was very well received.

"Working with the Hello Cool World team has been an exceptional experience.  They were able to take a complex clinical topic and turn it into an though-provoking and engaging educational experience that is consistently described as “brilliant”."
Elizabeth Elliot, RN, MN. Director of Nursing, Manager of Professional Practice, BCCDC (at the time of the video's production)