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April 28, 2011

Hello Cool World @ Sexhibition 2011

By Bella Sie


Bella and Michelle came down with a table full of goodies to attend the Opt Sexhibition, a part of the Opt 50th Anniversary Celebration. We chatted with some lovely attendees about our sexual health campaigns, including LACE, Around the Kitchen Table, and I Have Immunity. Then we thought we would make a little video to share with everyone!

PS - We know our video text is backwards but we did that deliberately. Just to be interesting.

Want to see who else was at this event? Read more!

STI/HIV Prevention & Control Division, BC Centre for Disease Control

The BCCDC STI/HIV Division improves the sexual health of British Columbians by providing a range of services that focus on the prevention and control of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. Whether delivering clinical and harm reduction services, education and training, data analysis and consultation, or internet-based interventions, the STI/HIV Division does so with a non-judgmental and sex-positive approach.


Chee Mamuk Aboriginal Program, BC Centre for Disease Control

Chee Mamuk is a provincial Aboriginal program that provides innovative and culturally appropriate sexually transmitted infection (STI) and HIV education, resources and wise practice models. Chee Mamuk's services are grounded in community, tradition and science in order to build capacity in Aboriginal communities to prevent the spread of HIV and STIs. Shee Mamuk's values include: creativity, building on strengths, building on traditions and culture, integrity, and balance. Chee Mamuk celebrates and promotes healthy sexuality and self esteem. Chee Mamuk designs and delivers culturally appropriate trainings such as Mobilizing HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections in Aboriginal Communities, and Around the Kitchen Table.


Show Off Books

With the goal of debunking society's artificial standards for normalcy and beauty in female genitalia, Show Off Books released its first book, I'll Show You Mine. A unique resource tool, ISYM contains 60 women shown in life-size full colour photographs coupled with in-their-own-words stories of their experiences of sexuality in our society.


YouthCo HIV

YouthCO provides hundreds of peer-led sexual health and harm reduction education workshops annually to youth in a variety of settings. With "sex-positive" as one of their five core organizational values, all workshops and services are provided with an openness and respect for sexualities and diverse experiences. 


AESHA Project - Centre for Excellence

AESHA (An Evaluation of Sex workers Health Access) is a five-year longtitudinal evaluation project (2009-2014) of female sex workers' health and safety both on and off street, focused particularly on women struggling with poverty and/or addictions - including solicitation on the street, bars, informal indoor spaces, and micro-brothels. The objectives of the AESHA project are: evaluating the impact of structural interventions, physical and social environment, and individual and collective power on health outcomes among female sex workers, including sexual health, HIV/STIs, violence and to continue to inform evidence based policies and interventions that promote the health and safety of sex workers, their clients, and non-commercial partners. 


West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund (LEAF)

West Coast LEAF envisions a society in which women are full participants in the social, economic and political activities of the nation, a society in which it is a right to have one's differences respected and supported both by the law, and through social and institutional policies and practices. LEAF's mission is to achieve equality by changing historic patterns of systemic discrimination against women through BC-based equality rights litigation, law reform and public legal education.


McCreary Centre Society

McCreary Centre Society is committed to improving the health of BC youth through research, community-based projects and youth engagement. McCreary operates on the premise that health consists of a variety of factors, including emotional, spritiual, and physical well-being, which incorporates sexual health and positive self-image.



QMUNITY celebrates healthy sexuality in all of its diverse forms! QMUNITY offers several sexual health services including Bute Street Clinic where people can go fo safer sex resources such as condoms and STI testing. While their staff, counselors, and peer support groups provide support to those coming to terms with their sexual identity. Gab Youth and Generation maintain sex positive spaces, while serving clients at both ends of the age spectrum.


FIRST - Decriminalise Sex Work

FIRST's work strives to destigmatize sex workers and sex work, because as sex-positive feminists, they believe that the negative attitudes surrounding prostitution are a reflection of society's distaste and disapproval for sex, especially casual sex engaged in by women. They believe anti-prostitution laws and attitudes stem from the patriarchal view that women's sexuality must be controlled and "protected" by the state. FIRST objects to the sexist view that women engaging in prostitution are always "victims" in need of rescues, instead of independent adults with a right to express their sexuality and decide what to do with their bodies and their lives.  

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Bella is the newest addition to Hello Cool World, enlisting for the cause at the end of 2010. A graduate of BCIT's Broadcast Communications for TV program, she's worked in all aspects of production and has a knack for new media & technology.


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